Customs agency in Hamburg
Fiscal  representation  office

A brief list of our services:  

  • Import customs clearance in the ATLAS System
  • Fiscal representation
  • NCTS Transit clearance
  • T1 customs Transits
  • Securing of tax and customs receivables
  • Issuance of T2L documents
  • Veterinary clearance
  • Phytosanitary clearance
  • Organisation of Transport at the port
  • Release of Containers and General cargo
  • Takeover of liabilities towards seafaring ship-owners
  • Collection of port fees
  • Supply of bills od lading to ship-owenrs agencies
  • Intrastat reports
  • Setting of traffs on goods
  • Application for return of VAT tax paid in Germany
  • Appeals against decisions of the German Customs Office
  • Correspondence with the German Customs Offive in the Name of the customer